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  • For 25 years of business and coordinating about extraordinary transport in the Republic of Serbia we have gained a reputation as reliable and strong business partner that can be clients’ support at any time and segment of business.

    Our services give you:


    Our services are adjusted to clients’ needs, trying to achieve constant upgrade of a dialogue in an open and transparent way, because their trust is the most important thing to us.


    Our responsibility is that the quality of our services is always on a high level and that our clients are certain their transport will arrive safely and on time.


    Our services’ offers are complete, without hidden costs because our clients are always informed about all possible situations which could lead to price changes.


    We take care that our activity and correspondence with the clients are always legal and in accordance to the best practice and we also respect and appreciate fair competition.

    Long lasting experience has given us an opportunity to collect and make a wide data base on road passability, their limitations and critical points for total measures (length, width, height) and load capacity of certain transport objects on a wide road net in the Republic of Serbia.

    Our employees will provide you with Serbian permits, escort and complete logistic support at the shortest possible time.

    We do escort of oversized and heavy transports through the Republic of Serbia with our own adequately equipped escort vehicles and our trained escorts guarantee transport speed, safety and security.

    We also organize and coordinate with police escort, if it is necessary, depending on transport dimensions.

    Our offers are always calculated with the most optimal, the safest and the fastest route, having in mind the safety and interest of the goods and a transporter in every moment.

    We can offer you help in organizing, loading, unloading, reloading and manipulation with heavy and oversized cargos in the Republic of Serbia through our business partners and associates.

    Besides Serbian permit we can directly provide you with special permits and technical escort in Montenegro and with the help of wide range of our foreign associates, we also offer our services in the countries of the region: Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Greece and Turkey.