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  • Our extraordinary transport services are always aimed to the most optimal, the safest and fastest route, and we take care of safety and interest of the cargo and the transporter in every moment.

    We can offer you help in organizing, loading, unloading, reloading and manipulation with heavy and oversized cargos in the Republic of Serbia through our business partners and associates.


  • We provide all necessary special permits for oversized transportation, as well as compliances, opinions and expertise at competent ministries in the countries where extraordinary transport of special and heavy cargos transit: into or out of Serbia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Macedonia, Republic Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria and EU countries. Also, if it is necessary, we provide technical and police escort on the route noted in the released permit.


  • We escort oversized and heavy transports through Serbia with our own adequately equipped escort vehicles and our trained escorts guarantee speed, safety and security in transportation.

    Remonttrans vehicle fleet consists of 6 escort vehicles with full regular equipment according to European standard for technical escorts “BF-2“.